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Fresh Meat

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  1. Beef Chuck Vacuum Packed New Zealand
    18.140 KWD
  2. Chilled Beef Eye Round South Africa
    3.990 KWD
  3. Minute Beef Steak New Zealand
    1.050 KWD
  4. Rump Beef Whole Vacuum Packed New Zealand
    28.130 KWD
  5. Chilled Less Fat Beef Cubes South Africa
    3.590 KWD
  6. NEW ZEALAND BEEF STROGANOFF 500G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.930 KWD
  7. Sultan NEW ZEALAND BEEF MINCE 75% LEAN Per Kg | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    2.490 KWD
  8. Chilled Boneless Beef Cubes New Zealand
    2.990 KWD
  9. Fresh Lebanese Beef Sausage
    1.320 KWD
  10. Sultan BEEF KABAB 500G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.630 KWD
  11. Sultan BEEF KOFTA 500G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.630 KWD
  12. Chilled Beef Center Knuckle New Zealand
    4.390 KWD
  13. Chilled Beef Center Knuckle South Africa
    3.990 KWD
  14. NEW ZEALAND BEEF MINCE 95% LEAN 500G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    2.200 KWD
  15. Low Fat Beef Cubes New Zealand
    1.500 KWD
  16. Chilled Beef Rib Eye South Africa
    4.250 KWD
  17. New Zealand Serloin Beef Steak  300G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.420 KWD
  18. Chilled Beef Topside New Zealand
    4.950 KWD
  19. Veal Ribs Kuwait
    4.990 KWD
  20. Boneless Veal Kuwait
    3.000 KWD
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